Monday Roundup. 

Be Unstoppable Today’s workout: DDP Yoga Below The Belt.  Advertisements

Weekend Update.

Friday’s Workout:  The very challenging DDP Yoga Double Black Diamond.  Saturday:  Nothing to see here. Move along.  Sunday’s workout:  DDP Yoga Diamond Cutter.  Two workouts. 1500 calories burned. Not too shabby. 

Progress Pics (Day… Whatever).

Let’s get this out of the way right off the top. Today’s DDP Yoga workout is Stand Up. I’ve been working out now for eleven months and I think the results speak for themselves:  Not only have I lost almost 120 pounds, but I’m much more flexible than I’ve ever been in my life. My… Continue reading Progress Pics (Day… Whatever).

Workout… Then Breakfast. 

But I’ll show the breakfast first (Since it seems that I get more traffic when I post food pics). An English muffin with a vegan breakfast sausage patty, O’Brien style hash browns,  and a tofu scramble.  All in all, a really good way to refuel after an intense DDP Yoga Fat Burner workout:

January Accountability Challenge. Day 1

After thinking about the plateau that I talked about in my last post, I’ve come to the realization that I have lost my motivation. Events in my life have taken their toll on me. I also realized that I had no one to be accountable to, and that has hampered my progress.  To counter that, I… Continue reading January Accountability Challenge. Day 1

This is what a plateau looks like…

This graph represents my weight over the last three months. There’s nothing worse than hitting the brick wall. For months, the weight was coming off with ease. Every weigh-in was a small victory over the person I used to be. Now, every ounce seems to be a struggle. Every gain offset by a loss. For… Continue reading This is what a plateau looks like…