Day 3. Energy & Red Hot Core.

Day 3 of my 31 day accountability challenge is in the books. So far, I feel really good about what I’ve undertaken. But then again,  I have only just begun this challenge. I’ll see how I feel in a week or two. 

Instead of going right into the workout,  I thought I would talk about and show the kinds of things I have been eating. Today, I started the day with a plant-based variation on a traditional English breakfast. (The fact that I am neither traditional nor English notwithstanding. )

A tofu scramble with mushrooms and tomatoes,  a vegan breakfast sausage patty, vegetarian baked beans on an English muffin with chao soy cheese, and rounded out with English breakfast tea. Delicious, filling, and completely plant-based.

For today’s workout, I decided to do the beginning workout of the DDP Yoga program, Energy.  The workout is a relatively short one at 22 minutes,  and since it is designed for beginners, I added an additional abdominal workout at the end. The end result was a pretty decent workout. 

Tomorrow,  I work on my lower body. See you then. 


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